You’ll be addicted to the instafeeds of these, our favorite Black moms on Instagram. They’re colorful, hella funny, engaged, passionate, dedicated to celebrating and uplifting Black mothers and, yes, makers of pretty brown babies. Follow them on Instagram, and shout out your favorites in the comments section!


Tina is an amazing teacher, writer, mom and the founder of Tired of Black women settling for last on the list, she created Noire Care, which speaks to Tina’s own experiences with burning out and finding herself on empty too often. “Noire Care is a place to bear witness to the courageous acts of self-care amongst Black Women.”


Taka pitture mama me! Mama me, mama me, mama me!

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Graeme is social advocate bae who is using her experiences with postpartum depression to fight the good fight. She is out here reppin’ for women of color who are fighting Postpartum Depression with her site and her work with Postpartum Progress.


Samantha Sophia is an entrepreneur who blogs at We’re in love with her amazing locs, gorgeous chocolate babies, and incredible moments of reflection and sincerity.


You can find Shay writing about life as a Black person living in Maine at Like Shay, her Instagram is gorgeous, with lots of shots of her beautiful state.



Amber is a hilarious “suburban gangta” who blogs at You should follow her, but only if you like snatched fashion and can keep your jealousy in check over her fantastic, pool-side, cocktail-in-hand life.


Danielle is an academic and entrepreneur who has no time for your foolishness. She created Mamademics™, Hook Smart, and Raising an Advocate™. You want to hang with Danielle? She will put you to WORK.


Jasmine is a queer femme in Arkansas who believes in being radically herself. Check her blog at or follow her insta-feed for random flotsam about life and lipstick.


I always thought red heads had more fun till I went blue.

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Aaronica is a blogger and talented seamstress who makes zero apologies about the empire she is building.


Breathe. #augustbreak2016

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Karen Walrond is a speaker, coach, lawyer, photographer, author of “The Beauty of Different,” and the founder of the gorgeous blog, Chookooloonks. She’s also what she calls an “image activist,” and if her instafeed is any indication, she most certainly sees beauty in so many things. Seriously drool-worthy!

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Jasmine Banks

Jasmine Banks is the managing editor of A mom of three, she is passionate about the power and beauty of Black motherhood and raising Black children. She blogs at and works for Postpartum Progress, fighting stigma in maternal mental health.


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