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Nicole Blades is a novelist and journalist. Her features and essays have appeared in CosmopolitanNYTimes.comWashingtonPost.comHealth,, SELF, BuzzFeed, and BlogHer. Born and raised in Montreal, Nicole now lives in Connecticut with her husband and their son. Follow her on Twitter @NicoleBlades. And visit her online at

About the Book


THE THUNDER BENEATH US is about a young woman living a life that seems equal parts flawless and fabulous. But a long buried secret about a tragic childhood accident is threatening to come back to the surface and pull her under for good.

Best Lightburn is this quick-witted, headstrong, remarkable young woman. But she’s also broken. She’s wounded, in a deep way. And even though so much of her pain and torment seems like it has scabbed over, it’s all still rather fresh and at the surface—maybe more than even she realizes. THUNDER is about Best finally trying to heal and put the fracture pieces back together.

The idea for this book sparked from a magazine story I read about six years ago about these three brothers who went duck-hunting as part of their Christmas get-together. But it all turned horrible when the family dog accidentally punched a hole in the lightly frozen lake. The brothers tried to save the dog, and all three of the men were pulled down into freezing water. Two of the brothers drowned and one survived.

The story really stayed with me. I kept thinking about the level of guilt the one surviving brother probably carried, and how that kind of torment could really alter how he sees himself moving forward. Although the brothers were grown men when the accident happened, I started wondering how that heaviness and guilt would translate to someone who was just a teenager when their life fractured apart.

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