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Blue Ivy Carter Is Adorable. So Why the Shade Over Her “Black” Features? Plus: More Fresh Links

A picture of Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s darling daughter, hit the internet this week and my God, that  baby is a beauty—curly afro, chubby...

– Jul 20, 2012

T.I. To Jay-Z: Be Blue Ivy Carter’s “First Love” So That She’ll Recognize A Good Man

T.I., the Atlanta-based rapper who emerged from a 12-month stint behind bars only to become one of America’s favorite dads with his hit VH-1 show,...

– May 23, 2012

Beyonce’s First Time Out With Blue Ivy Carter: Remembering the Newborn In Public Jitters

I can’t explain why, but pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z taking their seven-week-old, Blue Ivy Carter, out on a lunchtime stroll in New York City...

– Feb 28, 2012

Beyonce Won’t Be Getting Blue Ivy Carter Baby Advice From Solange—And Other MyBrownBaby Fresh Links

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, is getting a lot of love from her aunt, Solange Knowles. But Solange, Beyonce’s younger sister, who has a 7-year-old son of...

– Feb 17, 2012

First Pictures Of Blue Ivy Carter: Check Out Beyonce & Jay-Z’s Beautiful Baby!

Of course every baby is beautiful—a glorious gift—and we celebrate the wondrous miracle of every new life. But we gotta be honest here: Some babies...

– Feb 10, 2012

Jay-Z’s Song For Blue Ivy Carter Is A Touching Tribute To New Parenthood With Beyonce

Just a few days after superstar Beyonce gave birth, rapper Jay-Z, her husband and child’s father, did what he does best: he went into the...

– Jan 10, 2012

Blue Ivy’s Natural Hair & the Right Of Black Girls To Be… Free

Maybe Blue Ivy's mama isn't being lazy, but deliberate. Maybe Blue gets to be what Bey can't: FREE.

– Jun 16, 2014

Beyonce Gushing about Blue Ivy’s Smarts Reminds a Dad of the Day He Met His Daughter’s Genius

By NICK CHILES Hearing Beyonce gleefully tell Oprah about the brilliance of her baby girl Blue Ivy reminded me of the heady, joyous days of...

– Feb 19, 2013

Beyonce Calls Rumors She Used Surrogate with Blue Ivy ‘Very Odd’

Every woman struggles with fear and insecurity but, as Oprah Winfrey pointed out on the red carpet for Beyonce’s new HBO film, we didn’t really...

– Feb 14, 2013

$800 Sneakers for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Daughter, Blue Ivy? Is That Crossing the Line?

By NICK CHILES I’ve had three little babies, so I certainly understand the desire to lavish as much as you can afford on your little...

– Sep 27, 2012