I started MyBrownBaby on a whim in September 2008 back when the Barack Obama vs. John McCain presidential election was in full gear and the pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s teen daughter, Bristol, was setting the news cycles on fire. My first post questioned how the pregnancy of lil’ Miss Bristol would have been viewed if she were, oh, say, a black teenager a conversation that was being had by black moms everywhere, but was virtually ignored in every news story/blog post/TV analysis from here to Wasilla.

It was an observation that combined the two things I love writing about most—black folks and parenting—and I thought it a fitting debut post for MyBrownBaby, a space I created for African American moms looking to lend their critical but all-too-often ignored voices to the national parenting debate.

MyBrownBaby is irreverent. Funny. Full of posts that make you think. Maybe even say, Amen, because it reminds you of what’s going on behind your closed door, with your family. It’s a place where African American parents and parents of black children and their opinions matter, and are heard, respected, and revered. For their poignancy and strength. For their intelligence and authenticity.

Because they deserve it.

Be clear: MyBrownBaby isn’t about pointing fingers at or putting down white moms. It’s about helping black moms. It’s also about providing a service for those who need the information but can’t find it or who just want someone to commiserate with them—help them sort through the beautiful struggle that comes with being black parents in America.

This is done with open arms, a lot of love, and the deep belief that though we may come from separate places and have different backgrounds, we are ALL moms who want the same things for our families, and especially for our children. Read with an open mind and you just might see perspectives on family, motherhood, love and relationships that are fresh and different and interesting and eye opening.

Beautifully human.


Wait, what? You want more? Sheesh. Okay, here ya go Boom Pow!