Popular Baby Names 2012: Blue and Django Made the List. Insert Deep Sigh Here.

Well yeah—that didn’t take long, did it? Turns out that as original as Beyonce and Jay-Z thought they were being when they named their daughter...

– Jul 18, 2012

{On the Parenting Post} My Kid: Queen of Band-Aids & Boo Boos

I'm not sure why we always fall for the okey-doke. I mean, the kid is all drama all the time bumps into a chair and...

– Jan 28, 2011

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Lila and her best friend, Maggie Even as our country feels more divided than ever in my lifetime… Even as Governor Paul LePage says “Kiss...

– Jan 17, 2011

{Wordful Wednesday} We’ve Been Snowbound For Three Days :: Send. Help. Now.

We’re snowbound. Again. Being held hostage by all the ice and a bunch of people who can’t drive on said ice and a city that...

– Jan 12, 2011

It's Like Tyson Vs. Holyfield Except They're Shorter. And More Brutal.

My daughters, Mari and Lila, love each other. I think. At least this is what I tell myself most days when the two of them...

– Dec 15, 2010

That New, New: Willow Smith, The Hair Whip, and Coloring Outside the Lines

About this, I’m really clear: If Lila, my littlest one, were left to her own devices (and her parents had more time, cash, connections and...

– Sep 17, 2010