{Bringing Up Boogie} Ready or Not? Deciding When and Where My Black Boy Goes to Kindergarten

By Bassey Ikpi This afternoon, my father handed me a brochure for St. Mathias Catholic School. It's that time. Boogie will turn 5 next November...

– Feb 5, 2011

{Wordful Wednesday} Black Snow Bunnies: My Babies and their Granddad On Christmas Vacation

There is absolutely nothing more peaceful to me than spending time with three of my favorite people in the world: My daughters and my dad....

– Jan 5, 2011

She's My Favorite Girl (And Happy Mother's Day)

Sunday is Mother’s Day. And my mom is gone from here. I struggle to find the words to express the profound longing I feel this...

– May 7, 2010

Papa's Little Girls: Long-distance Loving On Granddad for National Grandparents Day

I told my mom first. I mean, I'd been with Nick for four years and married for two of them, so it wasn't any secret...

– Sep 11, 2009