School Fundraising Sucks Big Ol’ Kim Kardashian Booty.

So I just opened Lila's homework folder and sweet Mother of God, there's an order form for yet another fundraiser. This one for what is...

– Mar 3, 2011

Beyond the Parking Lot Mafia: How I Get What I Want and My Children Need From My Kids' Teachers

As we head back to school, my kids' new teachers never really see me coming. That is until they make what they think is supposed...

– Sep 14, 2010


  Forty-one-year-old woman with husband and three kids seeks consort/right-hand lady/stand-in to cut a sistah some slack/work out some things around the house when she...

– Sep 8, 2010

Party Goods Featuring African American Children: What Would YOU Like To See?

I can throw a helluva kid's party for real. I mean, I go all out, you heard? Mari's first soiree was an all-white party in...

– Aug 10, 2010

Real Friends Don't Call Friends "The Maid"

Miss Millie: You kids are so clean. You wanna come work for me? Be my maid?Sophia: Hell no. from The Color Purple These lines, and...

– Apr 21, 2010