A MyBrownBaby Weekend: Mos Def and Goapele Encourage Kids To Go To Infinity And Beyond

I’ve BEEN saying we should elect Mos Def for president, particularly after I saw him in this If I Were President video on the hip...

– Sep 3, 2010

Two Words For This MyBrownBaby Weekend: Idris. Elba.

Bow your heads for a moment of silence. Uh huh, yeah. Now we can proceed. Please believe, I’m making it my business to hit the...

– Aug 27, 2010

Green is the New Black!

So how fly is my sister-in-law/BFF/resident environmentalist Angelou? So fly that she’s in Washington, repping her non-profit children’s environmental group, Greening Youth Foundation, at a...

– Apr 16, 2010

A MyBrownBaby Weekend: Disney's MULAN at The Alliance Theater

After a particularly boisterous, soccer-filled Saturday, Nick, Mari, Lila, and I made our way into Atlanta last weekend to check out the new stage adaptation...

– Mar 4, 2010

A MyBrownBaby Weekend: We'll Be Watching Lifetime's "Sins of the Mother"

Oh, I’m going to be straight GLUED to the Lifetime Movie Network on Sunday, when “Orange Mint and Honey,” the breathtakingly beautiful novel written by...

– Feb 19, 2010

A MyBrownBaby Weekend: Bring On the Candy!

Now, y’all know I love me some gummy bears. And chocolate (the good kind). And Now & Laters. And Double Bubble bubble gum. All of...

– Oct 30, 2009