Missing Michael Jackson

  I didn’t expect my reaction—didn’t see the tears coming. But come, they did, when my girl Mitzi called the house and urged me to...

– Jun 25, 2010

Sadness For Michael: A Mom Cries For An Icon and Lost Black Boys Everywhere

By KIMBERLY SEALS ALLERS Yesterday, I cried watching the Michael Jackson memorial. I cried for a little black boy who felt the world didn't understand...

– Jul 8, 2009

MyBrownBaby Loves The Bernie Mac Show

And this is exactly why I love me some Bernie Mac foul mouth, tart tongue, this is some bull brashness and all. I was on...

– May 19, 2009

Finding True Daddy Love In Diddy's "Making The Band"

Okay, so, um, I admit it I did it. I slipped up, fell on channel 52, and watched “Making The Band 4.” I mean, it...

– Mar 4, 2009

Diahann Carroll: “Brown Skin Is Beautiful Now Put Some Make-up On It!”

By DENENE MILLNER My mother was incredibly beautiful—had this fiery red hair and high cheekbones and the smoothest, most flawless skin you ever did see....

– Feb 18, 2009