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Even When You Try, Keeping Teenagers from Having Sex in Your Home Can be Complicated

By NICK CHILES Should you allow your teenager to have sex in your house? This was a question posed by Clutch and like many, if...

– Feb 9, 2012

Photos Of Mariah Carey’s New Post-Baby Body! Let’s All Feel Craptastic We STILL Have Our Baby Weight!

Years ago when she had a new album out and was still in love with Jermaine Dupri and her brother Michael was still in the...

– Dec 13, 2011

How An Unplanned Pregnancy Changed The Way I Want To Talk To My Kids About Sex

By TARA PRINGLE JEFFERSON I quickly took the pregnancy test out of the bag and fumbled with the instructions: Pee on the stick, wait three...

– Oct 4, 2011

Black Teen Pregnancy Rates Drop By 51 Percent—Thanks To Responsible Teens

Health advocates say the massive drop in Black teen pregnancy rates is due to more teens taking control of their reproductive responsibilities.

– Dec 11, 2013

The Best Of MyBrownBaby, 2012 Edition: Stories That Moved the MBB Crowd

From controversial shootings (Trayvon Martin), celebrity deaths (Whitney Houston) and celebrity kid growing pains (Willow Smith) to political triumphs (President Barack Obama and Obamacare) and...

– Dec 31, 2012

MyBrownBaby Is Rocking the Red Pump In Support Of Women and Teens Affected By HIV & AIDS

I’ve been writing a lot about sex here on MyBrownBaby, but not because I have a dirty mind. I mean, I don’t see nothin’ wrong...

– Mar 9, 2012

Using a Condom May Not Be As Easy as We Thought

By NICK CHILES After a number of years (or decades) as a grown-up, most of us probably assume we got the whole condom thing figured...

– Feb 29, 2012

Teen Girls Can Suck It: No Morning-After Pill Without Doc’s Consent

And here we go again with politicians getting all up into our ovaries. This time, the Obama administration made a surprising move to shut down...

– Dec 8, 2011

That SAE Video, Racist College Culture & Black Student Survival At University

Let's stop pretending that what we saw on the SAE video happened in a vacuum. American college campuses are a hotbed for racism. Let's start there.

– Mar 12, 2015

Juicy Pics of Brown Babies Here: MyBrownBaby_Fresh Is On Instagram!

Pics of brown babies have long been in short supply. But here at MyBrownBaby, we're celebrating that beauty with a new Instagram page—MyBrownBaby_Fresh.

– Feb 26, 2015