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Popular Baby Names 2012: Blue and Django Made the List. Insert Deep Sigh Here.

Well yeah—that didn’t take long, did it? Turns out that as original as Beyonce and Jay-Z thought they were being when they named their daughter...

– Jul 18, 2012

Beyonce’s Love Of Blue: Singer Gives Insight Into Why She Chose the Name For Her Baby

Of course, when the world got wind of what Jay-Z and Beyonce named their baby girl, all kinds of conspiracy theories abounded: spell Blue Ivy Carter...

– Jun 12, 2012

Beyonce, Jay-Z Take Blue Ivy To Paris: the Beauty Of Showing Kids the World

Okay, so yeah—I really was just looking for a reason to show off this picture of proud daddy Jay-Z hugging and loving on his baby...

– Jun 6, 2012

Beyonce Is People’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman 2012—and She Says Blue Ivy Made It So

That new mommy glow is working for Beyonce: the 30-year-old super star, who welcomed her first child, daughter Blue Ivy, with husband Jay-Z, was named...

– Apr 25, 2012

Beyonce’s First Concert After Blue Ivy’s Birth: Getting Back To Work After the Baby

Word on the streets of Atlantic City is that just four months after the birth of her baby girl Blue Ivy Carter, new mom Beyonce...

– Mar 19, 2012

Beyonce Breastfeeds Blue Ivy: Can White Advocates Give Black Moms Our Breastfeeding Victory?

By KIMBERLY ALLERS Dear White Women, I know the breastfeeding world is all abuzz over reports that Beyonce breastfed her beautifully brown baby, Blue Ivy...

– Mar 5, 2012

Loud Applause for Jay-Z’s Plans to Banish B*tch After Blue Ivy’s Birth

UPDATE: Since the publishing of this post, MyBrownBaby has learned that Jay-Z most likely did not announce that he would no longer use the word...

– Jan 17, 2012

Beyonce is Pregnant Again, With Twins! Some MyBrownBaby Advice For Dealing With the Second Kid(s)

Congratulations are in order! Beyonce is pregnant again, this time with twins. We have some solid advice for dealing with baby No. 2 (and 3!).

– Feb 1, 2017

Five Lessons Learned From the First Year of Mommyhood

Lessons for first time mothers are hard won, but this mom's experience sheds some light on what to expect.

– Apr 21, 2015

Fear Of a Black Booty: on Beyonce’s Grammy Performance & How To Watch TV With Kids

To those who called Beyonce a whore for her Grammy Awards 2014 performance: suck it.

– Jan 29, 2014