Everybody Loves the Sunshine: Finding Joy in Blackness

"Speakeasy with Denene" closes its first season with password, SUNSHINE, paying homage to my hero, my dad, and literary giant Nic Stone and Angie Thomas.

– Jan 23, 2020

Happy Book Birthday, “Just Like a Mama,” the newest addition to Denene Millner Books

"Just Like a Mama" is on bookshelves today, and author Alice Faye Duncan is using her story to celebrate a long-held tradition in which adoptive, foster care and "fictive kin" share a love and bond with children whom they care for when those babies’ parents cannot.

– Jan 14, 2020

Freedom, Speakeasy with Denene: Killer Mike Wants Us to Get Free

Killer Mike, rapper, business owner, proud southern Black man, talks guns, land and lifting our voices on Speakeasy with Denene.

– Jan 9, 2020

Speakeasy with Denene’s Favorite Things of 2019

To celebrate the success of "Speakeasy with Denene" and the end of the year, I’ve made a list of my favorite things that relate to the passwords of past episodes, plus one debuting at the top of the year.

– Dec 26, 2019

FLOWER, Speakeasy with Denene: When Blackness Blooms

This week's "Speakeasy with Denene" password is FLOWER. I talk about raising daughters, chat with two artists whose work blooms; and check in with Lion Babe.

– Dec 19, 2019

Christmas Cocktails: #TalkEarly About Responsible Holiday Drinking

Staring at the bottom of a cocktail glass isn't the best way to de-stress for the holidays—or the best example for kids. Here, healthy ways to survive the holidays, in partnership with responsibility.org.

– Dec 11, 2019

BLACK, Speakeasy with Denene: Being Black Is An Extreme Sport

I founded SPEAKEASY WITH DENENE to give my people a nod that says, “I see you.” That's why this week's password is so fitting: BLACK.

– Dec 5, 2019

Beauty, Speakeasy With Denene: Black and Pretty On the Inside & Out

I've spent a lifetime learning to look in the mirror and love what I see, no matter what anyone else thinks about it. So it's only fitting that the word "beauty" be the password for the latest episode of #SPEAKEASYWITHDENENE.

– Nov 21, 2019

Fly, Speakeasy with Denene: How Black People Take Flight

"Fly" has a bunch of meanings, and we're exploring them in a new episode of #SpeakeasyWithDenene, featuring Tarriona "Tank" Ball of Tank and the Bangas.

– Nov 7, 2019

Love, Speakeasy With Denene: Listen to the First Episode of My New Podcast!

On the first episode of my new podcast, Speakeasy with Denene, we talk about love—dating, love in the midst of injustice, and Avery Sunshine's love songs.

– Oct 24, 2019

“Acting White”: Talk Early About Racialized Bullying & True Friendship

We have to #TalkEarly to our kids about the foolishness of "acting white" accusations. Here's how I did it.

– Oct 22, 2019

Speakeasy with Denene: I Have a New Podcast. Listen To It!

Introducing SPEAKEASY WITH DENENE, my new podcast that uses art, culture, entertainment and my gift of gab to explore the beauty and humanity of blackness.

– Oct 10, 2019

Getting to Trust: #TalkEarly About Listening, Not Fixing

Tips on how to find moments when we can listen to rather than fix our kids' problems.

– Sep 25, 2019

Good Journey, Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison introduced me to myself—

– Aug 6, 2019

What About Your Friends? #TalkEarly About Squad Building

The day I left my marriage, my friends showed up and showed out for me. I'll never forget it. I wish the same love for my daughters.

– Jun 25, 2019