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Black Children and Education: Early Schooling, Family Support Is Key To Closing Gap, Says Steve Perry

By HEATHER HOPSON The Call “She’s in!” That’s what the director of a nationally recognized preschool told me over the telephone last week. Those two...

– May 13, 2013

Gratitude: What I Learned About Motherhood and Life While On Public Assistance

Before I became a single mom, I cut up all my credit cards except one.  Thanks to God and the Queen (whose face is printed...

– Apr 10, 2013

Forget About Superheroes: Single Moms Are the Ones With the Super Powers!

By HEATHER HOPSON When I became a single mother, I became a super hero. I received special powers long before my baby was born. Super...

– Jul 10, 2012

Rethinking Stretch Marks—Our Mom Tattoos

By HEATHER HOPSON When Beyonce’s bootylicous body bounced back four months after giving birth to Blue Ivy, many moms around the world sucked in their...

– Jun 7, 2012