A Half-Breed Is a Dog: What Not To Call My Biracial Child

By Jennifer Johnson I strolled around the grocery store with my daughter’s car seat wedged in the shopping cart. Normally I’d carry her in my...

– Apr 11, 2011

Halle Berry’s “One Drop” Dilemma: This Mom Says She Won’t Make Her Biracial Baby Choose

Halle Berry thinks Biracial children need to choose whether they're Black or white. This mom thinks otherwise.

– Feb 21, 2011

Here's To Hoping It Won't Matter To My Babies (and Their Friends) If They're Black or White

by JENNIFER JOHNSON I wasn't ever the prettiest girl in school. In fact I was never even close. But that didn't stop me from being...

– Jul 2, 2009


By JENNIFER JOHNSON My dear, sweet first baby, This is the only letter I've written to someone who isn't even alive yet. I wonder what...

– Apr 14, 2009

She's Got Love And Marriage Now What About The Baby Carriage?

By JENNIFER JOHNSONI want kids always have. And now that I've got four years of marriage, a college degree, and a burgeoning career under my...

– Feb 26, 2009