{Let’s Talk About Sex} How A Single Mom Talks To Her Son About Sex

By MICHELLE BOND When I close my eyes and think of my man taking me in his arms and passionately kissing me, I imagine us...

– Oct 10, 2011

I Made A Baby With the Devil: A Black Moms Story of Parenting and Domestic Abuse

By MICHELLE BOND Many years ago, I met a man who seemed normal, but was actually the devil. Well, not literally the devil. He was...

– Aug 16, 2011

A Reformed Spanker Reveals Why She Wishes She Would Have Spared the Rod

By Michelle Bond Spare the rod, spoil the child.  I’ve been hearing that Bible quote since the moment I became a parent.  Elders in the...

– Mar 17, 2011

{CoffeeBreak} My Son And the Knife: When Mental Illness Turns a Boy Into a Man

By Michelle Bond My son was a week old the morning his father threatened me with a butcher knife because I tried to wake him...

– Feb 5, 2011