The Book Buzzlist: Black Books That Make Great Mother’s Day Presents

Books have been my friends forever my giggle inducers, my tear-jerkers, my travel partners, my comforters. My bookshelves are full of my friends lovely reminders...

– May 2, 2011

The NorthParan Book Buzz List: Black Celebrity Biographies You Need On Your Bookshelves

  As an entertainment reporter for some of the largest newspapers and magazines in the nation, I’ve interviewed my fair share of celebrities some smart...

– Apr 28, 2011

{The North Paran Book Buzzlist} Tax Week Special: Books About Making Money and Keeping It

The dreaded April 15 is just days away, which means it’s that time of the year again: depending on what your tax papers say, Uncle...

– Apr 11, 2011

The Book BuzzList: Great Books For Black Boys

  When I started MyBrownBaby, I vowed that this website would do its part to help introduce parents to great books for black children, featuring...

– Apr 4, 2011

The Book Buzzlist: Beauty Books For Black Women

Of course, we’re beautiful. But seeing evidence of this in beauty and fashion magazines and on the runways and other media that proclaims to be...

– Mar 29, 2011