Boss Things: #TalkEarly About How to Be a Leader

Being a leader is not positional—it's personal. Here, ways to teach your child how to be a boss, in her own way.

– Apr 8, 2019

Fathering Female Athletes, and the NY Times Article that Nearly Made My Head Explode

As the father of two skilled female athletes, I was thoroughly disgusted reading a New York Times story profiling the insanity that's taken over the world of youth girls soccer.

– Feb 11, 2014

The Souls of Black Folk: Tasting the Duality of African American Life During a Fancy Dinner With Our Girls

When we took our daughters to one of the Top 5 restaurants in Atlanta, we got a sociological experience that gave our daughters a window into the rest of their lives.

– Nov 25, 2013

Because of Stereotypes, Black Boys Adjust Better Socially Than Black Girls in Suburban Schools

Black boys in the suburbs appear to have a much easier time assimilating and being accepted because the stereotypes about African-American male children help them in social situations, while the stereotypes for black girls harm them.

– Oct 24, 2013

‘American Promise’ Offers a Rare, Inspiring Look at the Challenge of Raising Black Boys

When married couple Joe Brewster and Michelle Stephenson decided to turn a video camera on their kindergarten son to chronicle his journey through New York’s...

– Oct 18, 2013

When Kids Date Too Early, It Can Lead to Bad Behaviors

When should your kid start dating? If they start as early as 11 or 12, they are more likely to engage in unwanted behaviors during...

– Oct 7, 2013

Katherine Jackson & the Jackson Family Values: A Billion Dollars Worth Of Mess

The fight over Michael Jackson’s children and estate has turned into a messy mess of an affair, with accusations of mama kidnapping, auntie slap boxing,...

– Jul 26, 2012

J. Crew Can Keep Its Pink Toenail Polish: I Want My Boy To Be A Boy

By KIA MORGAN SMITH Just for farts and giggles, I sat my son Jo-Jo down, grabbed his little foot, took his big toe into my...

– Apr 13, 2011

Dear Michele Bachmann: Shut Up About Black Moms and Breastfeeding

Here’s what I’m gonna need: I’m gonna need Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Michele Malkin and Fox contributor Sandy Rios and them to sit down and...

– Feb 18, 2011

{On the Parenting Post} My Kid: Queen of Band-Aids & Boo Boos

I'm not sure why we always fall for the okey-doke. I mean, the kid is all drama all the time bumps into a chair and...

– Jan 28, 2011