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Black Ink Crew: The Touching Moment Sky Reveals She Gave Up Her Sons For Adoption At 14

Sky, the most transparent member of Black Ink Crew, came clean about giving up her children for adoption—and we couldn't love her more for her candor.

– Sep 10, 2015

The Teen Who Begged to Be Adopted Has a Forever Family

Celebrate! The teen who begged to be adopted has a new family—the social worker who's handled his case for a decade.

– Apr 15, 2015

Hey Adoptive Parents: Don’t Give Your Kids Back

Adoption is many things, but here's what it's not: giving back your children.

– Mar 28, 2014

My #KinseyUntold Story: A Black Couple Adopts A Baby, Building Their Family and Defying the Odds

I hear often whenever the subject of adoption comes up that white people adopt Black children because African American couples will not, and sure, there...

– Sep 4, 2013

Adoption and ‘The Blood’: Embracing the True Meaning Of Love, Family and the Ties That Bind

I am adopted. It is not something that I choose to focus on or talk about much. Because for most of my life, it has...

– Oct 9, 2012