Happy Book Birthday, “Just Like a Mama,” the newest addition to Denene Millner Books

"Just Like a Mama" is on bookshelves today, and author Alice Faye Duncan is using her story to celebrate a long-held tradition in which adoptive, foster care and "fictive kin" share a love and bond with children whom they care for when those babies’ parents cannot.

– Jan 14, 2020

My Birth Mother, My Hero

We give a lot of praise to the parents who adopt children—and rightfully so. But we should also throw flowers at the feet of the birth mothers, too.

– Feb 21, 2018

Black Ink Crew: The Touching Moment Sky Reveals She Gave Up Her Sons For Adoption At 14

Sky, the most transparent member of Black Ink Crew, came clean about giving up her children for adoption—and we couldn't love her more for her candor.

– Sep 10, 2015

The Teen Who Begged to Be Adopted Has a Forever Family

Celebrate! The teen who begged to be adopted has a new family—the social worker who's handled his case for a decade.

– Apr 15, 2015

“Who’s Your Real Mother?” And Other Things To Never Say To An Adoptee

"I bet your real mother was beautiful," is among some of the many statements and questions that drive adoptees batty.

– May 13, 2014

A White Adoptive Mother Married to a Woman Wants You to Know: ‘Our Son Is Black, He’s Our Son, End of Story’

A white woman with a white wife and a black baby boy recounts the puzzling, infuriating reactions she gets to her family from the rest of the world—and shares her wishes for her son.

– Apr 4, 2014

Hey Adoptive Parents: Don’t Give Your Kids Back

Adoption is many things, but here's what it's not: giving back your children.

– Mar 28, 2014

Why This White Mom Loves MyBrownBaby

A white mother of brown children explains why she find solace, strength and home in

– Mar 10, 2014

Born Behind Bars: How Separation, Foster Care and Adoption Shaped My Life

An adoptee born in prison remembers the trauma of being taken from her birth mother, and counts the emotional toll it took on her life.

– Mar 5, 2014

A Message to White Friends Who Don’t Like What I Write About Race

A writer says she can’t undo an experience that left an indelible mark on her racial psyche.

– Feb 24, 2014