African American breastfed babies

Black Breastfeeding Week 2015: ‘Lift Every Baby’ In Support Of Black Families and the Best First Food

Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week 2015 with a call to 'Lift Every Baby' in art, public gatherings and a few awesome Twitter parties.

– Aug 12, 2015

Breastfeeding At Graduation Pic Is Some Kinda Wonderful—And Exactly What Black Folk Need To See

Apparently, the earth is going to stop spinning on its rotational axis because this graduate posted a picture of herself breastfeeding at graduation.

– Jun 10, 2014

Not Everyone Can Breastfeed: A Tale Of Pregnancy, Depression & Formula Feeding

We are always told that formula is fine but “breast is best.” But this mom's story is just one example of why it doesn’t work for every family.

– Apr 23, 2014

Buying Breast Milk Online From Strangers Can Be Dangerous For Your Baby. Duh.

From the "Well Duh!" files: a new study found that a whopping 70 percent of breast milk sold to moms on a public milk-sharing forum was contaminated with all kinds of yuck that could put babies in serious danger.

– Oct 22, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Orders Hospitals To Hide Formula So More Moms Will Breastfeed

So yeah, I admit it: when New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned trans fat from area restaurants and wrote into law a requirement for...

– Jul 31, 2012