African American children and race

Black Family Faces Jail Time For Cheering At Graduation, Plus Other MyBrownBaby Fresh Links

A Black family is charged with the latest new crime for African Americans: cheering at graduation, plus links to stories about the benefits of delayed umbilical chord clamping and voices of mothers around the world.

– Jun 5, 2015

The Hell? Philadelphia Teen Has Testicle Ruptured During Cop Pat-down.

The story of Darrin Manning, the Philly teen whose testicle was ruptured by a cop, makes me want to holler and throw up both my hands. And some ‘bows.

– Jan 24, 2014

Eff Madonna, Sarah Palin & the Naked Black Woman Chair.

Is it me, or have white folk (not all, but enough to notice) gone mad?

– Jan 21, 2014

Just Say “NO” To the Stereotyping of African American Parents and Other Moms and Dads Of Color

Like, what kid doesn’t dig the park? Mari loved the slide, you know? And the monkey bars. And especially when I pushed her on the...

– Oct 29, 2010