African American fathers

Everybody Loves the Sunshine: Finding Joy in Blackness

"Speakeasy with Denene" closes its first season with password, SUNSHINE, paying homage to my hero, my dad, and literary giant Nic Stone and Angie Thomas.

– Jan 23, 2020

Feminist Fathers: A Dad Makes The Case For Why Fathers Should Be Feminists

When his baby girl was born, this father checked his privilege and embraced this simple concept: feminist fathers make the world safer for their daughters.

– Nov 30, 2016

With 1.5 million Black Men Missing, Black Families Suffer

A recent report that there are 1.5 million Black men missing from the Black community leaves Black families anxious for change.

– May 14, 2015

Living Up To the Millner Name, In Honor Of My Daddy, Who Inspires

When it comes to the "Millner" name, I've used my by-line to celebrate my father and his insistence that I excell—by any means necessary.

– Feb 5, 2015

Love & Renewal: What My Daddy Taught Me After Mom Passed Away

I expected my father to need a lot of hand-holding at our first holiday dinner after mom died. Boy, was I wrong.

– Dec 16, 2014

8 Ways New Fatherhood Is Just Like Pledging a Fraternity

A dad shares his funny take on life as a new dad—it’s a kind of hell week, but with a surprisingly happy ending.

– Apr 11, 2014

Bet On Black Dads: Support This Anthology Celebrating Black Fatherhood

I am the daughter of a proud Black man. I am a wife to a man who is a helluva Black father to our daughters....

– Oct 7, 2013

Usher Won Custody Of His Sons, But Do the Babies Lose Without Their Mother In Their Lives?

It’s not that I’m anti-father. I have one. Married to one, too. I know firsthand the power a good black dad has in the life...

– Aug 27, 2012