African Americans and child abuse

Mother Wit: Get Some ‘Act Right’ From Your Child at the Grocery Store

When a mom's preschooler has a tantrum at the grocery store check out line, Mother Wit schools her on how to get her child to behave, without hitting.

– Mar 25, 2014

Mother Wit: ‘Whoop That Bully Or I’ll Whoop You’

When a mom threatens to beat her son for refusing to fight his bully, Mother Wit schools her on how to help her son deal with his tormentor without using his hands.

– Feb 21, 2014

Black Belt Uncle Beats Nephew To Death For Not Picking Out Clothes Fast Enough—And We Ask Why

By DR. STACEY PATTON First, there’s the headline: Paul Adams, Black Belt, Allegedly Beat 6-Year-Old Nephew To Death With Belt. Then a picture of an African-American...

– Nov 12, 2012