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The Implications of Sherri Shepherd Being Forced To Be a Mother To a Child She Doesn’t Want, Plus Other Fresh Links

A judge ruled that Sherri Shepherd must be the mother of a child born via surrogacy after her split with her husband, plus links on how standardized testing hurts Black children and a hilarious new Instagram page that features food kids refuse to eat for the most ridiculous reasons.

– Apr 24, 2015

Psst… White People: Paul Ryan Doesn’t Care About You Either

If you think Paul Ryan's foolish comments about poverty and lazy inner city folk is simply about Black men, think again.

– Mar 19, 2014

Study Confirms: Our Childhoods Were Easier Than Our Kids’ Childhoods

By NICK CHILES As families across America know all too well, the last decade has been brutal on our pocketbooks. But while much of the...

– Dec 18, 2012