black children and preschool

Nurturing A Child’s Passion: Why I Stopped Caring About the Stuff My Kid Does Well

As tempting as it is to push our kids into things they're good at, nurturing a child's passion is much more important to helping them excel.

– Mar 4, 2015

Black Children and Education: Early Schooling, Family Support Is Key To Closing Gap, Says Steve Perry

By HEATHER HOPSON The Call “She’s in!” That’s what the director of a nationally recognized preschool told me over the telephone last week. Those two...

– May 13, 2013

She’s The Boss: A Dad Gets Punked By His 4-Year-Old

By NICK CHILES As black men, we spend a significant part of our early days making testosterone-infused snap judgments about how we think we’d fare...

– Sep 14, 2008