black fathers and daughters

Daddy’s Girl, Still: He Never Came Home

Prolific politics and race writer Kirsten West Savali turns her pen toward an introspective, emotional look at life with her father—and without him.

– Jun 14, 2017

He Never Came Home: I Was the Different One

Celebrating the release of "He Never Came Home," essays from daughters on life without their dads, with a piece by Nisa Rashid, asha bandele's baby.

– Jun 13, 2017

You Did It Your Way: He Never Came Home

A daughter whose father died when she was a teen recounts the loving lessons she learned from him—an excerpt from the upcoming book, "He Never Came Home."

– Jun 8, 2017

Feminist Fathers: A Dad Makes The Case For Why Fathers Should Be Feminists

When his baby girl was born, this father checked his privilege and embraced this simple concept: feminist fathers make the world safer for their daughters.

– Nov 30, 2016

Father Daughter Beat Box Battle: Watch Her Take Him Out (VIDEO)

Baby girl has the skills to take out her daddy, but this proud papa is anything but a sore loser when he peeps his daughter's game. Press. Play. Now.

– Jul 15, 2015

Living Up To the Millner Name, In Honor Of My Daddy, Who Inspires

When it comes to the "Millner" name, I've used my by-line to celebrate my father and his insistence that I excell—by any means necessary.

– Feb 5, 2015

Love & Renewal: What My Daddy Taught Me After Mom Passed Away

I expected my father to need a lot of hand-holding at our first holiday dinner after mom died. Boy, was I wrong.

– Dec 16, 2014

My Absentee Father Tried To Friend Me On Facebook

This writer first learned of her dad's birthday when he sent her a request on Facebook.

– Mar 24, 2014

Self Defense For Girls: A Black Father Teaches His Daughter How To Fight Back

By SHAWN TAYLOR “How do you raise a child in safety in a world that is getting more violent by the day?” Some parents recently...

– Jun 19, 2013

Lil Wayne’s ‘No Worries’ Made Me Question Myself as a Dad To Black Daughters

By NICK CHILES It was Lil Wayne’s song “No Worries” that did it— sent me hurtling down yet another slippery slope on the rollercoaster ride...

– Jan 28, 2013