black fathers

He Never Came Home: I Was the Different One

Celebrating the release of "He Never Came Home," essays from daughters on life without their dads, with a piece by Nisa Rashid, asha bandele's baby.

– Jun 13, 2017

You Did It Your Way: He Never Came Home

A daughter whose father died when she was a teen recounts the loving lessons she learned from him—an excerpt from the upcoming book, "He Never Came Home."

– Jun 8, 2017

Forgiving My Father: How My Son’s Unconditional Love Convinced Me To Embrace My Dad

Forgiving my father was a tricky proposition—until my baby boy embraced his grandfather with open arms, pure love and zero judgement.

– Jul 7, 2015

A Black Teen Father in Pursuit: a Father’s Day Appeal For Mentors To Help Young Dads

A father who had his first child at age 15 shares his experience as a teen father and the importance of mentoring.

– Jun 19, 2015

With 1.5 million Black Men Missing, Black Families Suffer

A recent report that there are 1.5 million Black men missing from the Black community leaves Black families anxious for change.

– May 14, 2015

8 Ways New Fatherhood Is Just Like Pledging a Fraternity

A dad shares his funny take on life as a new dad—it’s a kind of hell week, but with a surprisingly happy ending.

– Apr 11, 2014

We Need Positive Fathers on Reality TV. Are You Listening, “Love & Hip Hop?”

A Black father's ideas on how to better showcase Black fatherhood on Reality TV

– Feb 17, 2014

Black Fathers Doing It Right: Let’s Hail Tray Chaney and Doyin Richards

Shining a spotlight on actor/rapper Tray Chaney's new video, "Dedicated Fathers" and fighting the negative stereotypes of black dads

– Jan 8, 2014

Bet On Black Dads: Support This Anthology Celebrating Black Fatherhood

I am the daughter of a proud Black man. I am a wife to a man who is a helluva Black father to our daughters....

– Oct 7, 2013