black girls and natural hair

Child, Please: How Mama’’s Old-School Lessons Helped Me Check Myself Before I Wrecked Myself (Excerpt)

Black girls already have the challenge of overcoming the baggage that comes with having booties and boobies. But what's a mom to do when her daughter is born with straight hair?

– May 5, 2015

Natural Hair Wars: Coaxing the Generational Shift Toward Afros, Locs & Braids

Finally, my daughters and I can walk into my father's house happy to be me. finally, he's happy with our natural hair, too.

– Sep 17, 2014

Little Black Girls, Natural Hair & Words That Hurt: When Colorism Strikes Our Kids

When grown women launch an online attack against a 3-year-old's skin and natural hair, a grandmother ponders how to combat colorism.

– Jan 14, 2014

Little Dolls: Tenderly Tending to Every Strand of Brown Girl Hair, With a Smile

It's extremely important to tell little Black girls that their natural hair is beautiful. This is why.

– Jul 6, 2009