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Mother Wit: Help Your Child Get Better Grades, Without Punishing Him

Bringing home a "D" on the report card used to earn this mom a whooping. But she wants Mother Wit to help her get her son's grades up—without hitting him.

– May 7, 2014

Millionaire Miracle in Tangelo Park: Hotelier Harris Rosen Gives Free Daycare, College Tuition To Black Neighborhood

The story of millionaire hotelier Harris Rosen’s generosity toward the children of a mostly Black, poverty-stricken community in Orlando, totally made my MyBrownBaby day today.

– Nov 19, 2013

Pres. Obama Tries to Attack Educational Underperformance of Black Children

By NICK CHILES To address the alarming underperformance of African-American students in the nation’s school, President Obama yesterday signed an executive order establishing an office...

– Jul 27, 2012