educating black children

The New Mutants: Black Excellence In the New Class of Black Global Super-Achievers

  By PATRICK A. HOWELL “There is a new class of black super-achievers graduating for the first time.” Mark Penn, “Micro-Trends: The Small Forces Behind...

– Apr 22, 2014

This’ll Make Tiger Mom’s Head Explode: A Radical Way To Parent Black Children

Our jobs as parents is to help our children practice excellence within their own unique life design. Here's a radical way one mom puts this to the test as she unschools her daughters.

– Apr 21, 2014

Because of Stereotypes, Black Boys Adjust Better Socially Than Black Girls in Suburban Schools

Black boys in the suburbs appear to have a much easier time assimilating and being accepted because the stereotypes about African-American male children help them in social situations, while the stereotypes for black girls harm them.

– Oct 24, 2013

What We Need To Teach Black Children In the New Millenium

By SHAWN TAYLOR I am blessed to have received a great education. Maybe it was a time in U.S. history when educating our nation’s children was...

– May 23, 2013

Teen Charged For School Science Project Gone Bad: Where’s the Justice In Zero-Tolerance?

This right here is why America’s public schools stay failing black children: A 16-year-old Florida student with a rep for being one of the smart,...

– May 2, 2013