Halloween Obese Letters For Trick or Treaters? Talk About Killjoy. Plus, I Prefer Gummy Bears.

Calling a kid fat just might do more harm mentally for that kid than any handful of mini-Snickers bars could do. Not to mention, it could convince a mom to march over to your house and smash a couple of... pumpkins. You just don't play with peoples' kids like that.

– Oct 31, 2013

Tasteless, Racist Trayvon Martin Costumes: What Better Not Show Up On My Stoop This Halloween

Kids, freaks, racists and fools love them some Halloween, but this photo of two ignoramuses in Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman costumes, replete with blackface, a bloody sweatshirt, a gun and giggles, made me see stars, stripes, thunderclouds and lightening.

– Oct 28, 2013