hitting black children

Dear Parents With Belts: STOP Beating Your Kids

When parents with belts discipline children, this is how it shows up in the classroom. This teacher vows to make it better for the next generation.

– Jan 25, 2017

Positive Discipline: How To Stop Your Kid From Hitting

Dear Mother Wit, My 2-year-old has been hitting me, her big sister, the kids out on the playground, pretty much everybody she comes in contact...

– Jun 13, 2014

Mother Wit: Help Your Child Get Better Grades, Without Punishing Him

Bringing home a "D" on the report card used to earn this mom a whooping. But she wants Mother Wit to help her get her son's grades up—without hitting him.

– May 7, 2014

Man Who Slapped Black Baby On Airplane Gets 8 Months In Prison For His Foolishness

Joe Rickey Hundley, the Idaho man who slapped a crying toddler and demanded the child's mother "shut that nigger baby up" has been sentenced to eight months in federal prison.

– Jan 7, 2014

Spare the Rod: A Black Father Spanks His Daughter and Vows Never To Do It Again

By SHAWN TAYLOR A couple of years ago, I was very deeply involved in putting together an anthology entitled Ass-Whooping’s Greatest Hits: Reflections on the Spankings We...

– Apr 17, 2013

Airplane Madness: Man Slaps Black Toddler, Tells Mom To “Shut That N****R” Baby Up” (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Joe Rickey Hundley, the 60-year-old man accused of slapping a black baby in his face during an airplane flight, surrendered to federal agents and...

– Feb 18, 2013