Jeanine DeHoney

We Wear the Crown: Celebrating Beautiful Black Women From A To Z

Celebrating Black womanhood and all of its beautiful manifestations.

– May 13, 2015

Kick the Blues in 2015: Laughter Is the Best Medicine

After sadness and anger muddied 2014, 2015 is the perfect time to recognize that laughter is the best medicine.

– Jan 7, 2015

When the Rainbow Isn’t Enough: For Karyn Washington

African Americans need to tout that it’s okay to seek professional intervention if you are so broken, so emotionally in pain, that your everyday song is filled with thoughts about not living.

– Apr 18, 2014

Little Black Girls, Natural Hair & Words That Hurt: When Colorism Strikes Our Kids

When grown women launch an online attack against a 3-year-old's skin and natural hair, a grandmother ponders how to combat colorism.

– Jan 14, 2014