Jonathan Ferrell

My Fourth of July Was No Celebration: Reflecting On What It Means To Be Black and Seek True Freedom

With the tragic Charleston murders still heavy on our hearts, celebrating the Fourth of July was particularly dicey for African Americans who are feeling like freedom is fast disappearing for Black folk.

– Jul 6, 2015

Another Outrage: Cops in New Mexico Attack Family, Shoot at Car Filled with Children

Watching New Mexico officers attack Oriana Ferrell and her family and shoot at her car, we must ask why the lives and bodies of African Americans are still devalued in this country.

– Nov 19, 2013

Jonathan Ferrell: Ex-Florida A&M Player Shot 10 Times By North Carolina Cop After Seeking Help

In yet another case highlighting the precarious existence of African-American men, 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell, a former football player at Florida A&M described by family as...

– Sep 17, 2013