Martin Luther King Jr.

Homeschooling Black Children: This Is How (and Why!) This Mom Does It. Plus: a Book Giveaway!

Homeschooling Black children took a whole 'nother meaning after this white mom of brown children saw Black history ignored in her children's school.

– Jul 28, 2015

Eff Madonna, Sarah Palin & the Naked Black Woman Chair.

Is it me, or have white folk (not all, but enough to notice) gone mad?

– Jan 21, 2014

Beyond MLK Day: Teaching Kids Why Martin Matters

How to make Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and his work meaningful for children today — and forever.

– Jan 20, 2014

The March On Washington: Sybrina Fulton, The Head Nod and the Thumbs Up—A Translation

When I go for a run in Washington, DC, I take for granted the history that I pass as I plod out my mileage. I...

– Aug 26, 2013