Newtown massacre

Hero School Clerk In Atlanta School Shooting Scare: Applauding Antoinette Tuff

Let us all take a minute to applaud the breath-taking heroism of Antoinette Tuff. In case you haven’t heard, Tuff is the bookkeeper at an...

– Aug 22, 2013

Hadiya Pendleton: Two Charged With Murder In Chicago Teen Honor Student’s Death

Chicago police may be getting closer to getting justice for Hadiya Pendleton: two alleged gang members have been charged with first-degree murder in the death...

– Feb 12, 2013

Would You Buy a Bulletproof Backpack for Your Child?

By NICK CHILES Would you buy your kid a bulletproof backpack? Apparently a whole lot of parents are answering that question with a hearty “Yes!”...

– Feb 6, 2013

If Newtown Shootings Showed Us Anything, It’s That Guns Kill People and It’s Time For Reform

There were news trucks outside my daughter’s elementary school on Friday. I’m guessing they wanted some local reaction to the shooting massacre of 26 people—including...

– Dec 17, 2012