Nzingha Stewart

Book to Film: How ‘The Vow’ Became ‘With This Ring’

The book to film road for the novel, "The Vow," was paved with a decade's worth of obstacles before it became the Lifetime movie, "With This Ring."

– Jan 23, 2015

Jill Scott On Falling In Love With ‘With This Ring’: “There’s Something So Pure About It”

Jill Scott, who in the new Lifetime movie "With This Ring" plays Viviane, the character I created in "The Vow," just, like, gets it.

– Jan 22, 2015

‘With This Ring’ Director Nzingha Stewart On Finding True Love & Her Top-Secret Project

Director Nzingha Stewart reveals the truest lesson in "With This Ring": Black women don't need to wait on men, careers to be happy.

– Jan 20, 2015