Princess and the Frog

The Princess of North Sudan: Like, For Real, Is Disney Serious About Turning a White Girl Into African Royalty?

The Princess of North Sudan is probably the dumbest idea for a Disney movie. Like, ever.

– May 22, 2015

When It Comes To Female Superheroes, What’s So Super About Minimizing Black Girls?

It's great to celebrate female superheroes, but what happens when they minimize Black girls?

– Apr 27, 2015

Wordful Wednesday: The MyBrownBaby Princess and the Frog Photo Diary

I have to tell you, I was ALL giggles this weekend when Nick, the girls and I went to see the new animated film, The...

– Dec 16, 2009

A MyBrownBaby Weekend: We're Going To See Disney's The Princess and the Frog. Plus: A Princess Tiana Goody Giveaway!

We’ve got our tickets four primo seats at our local movie theater, where Nick, Mari, Lila, and I will sit and watch history unfold as...

– Dec 11, 2009

Disney's First African American Princess Is Frame-Ready!

I wrote back in February about how it’s going to be a whole new world at Disney with the debut of Princes Tiana, Disney's first...

– May 21, 2009

It’s A Whole New World: Disney’s First African American Princess Takes A Bow

I remember dying a thousand deaths the day my Mari came home and announced she wanted to be Snow White for Halloween. I mean, I...

– Feb 20, 2009