Princess Tiana

Dear Walmart, Where’s Black Barbie?

When a Black mom can't find a Black Barbie in her local superstore, she's forced to have conversations with her toddler she's not ready to and doesn't want to have. So she's penned a letter getting Walmart together.

– Jul 27, 2015

[Father/Hood] Fairy Tales For Black Girls: Making Up Stories Of Our Own For Our Daughters

By SHAWN TAYLOR Now that my daughter remembers things with remarkable recall, is capable of critical thought, has a keen eye for the differences between...

– Apr 10, 2013

Sofia the First: The Latina Disney Princess That Wasn’t and the Community That Played Along

By CAROL CAIN Well, it’s official. I mean, officially, official. Sofia The First is not a Latina Princess. Disney released a statement after days of...

– Oct 25, 2012

It’s A Whole New World: Disney’s First African American Princess Takes A Bow

I remember dying a thousand deaths the day my Mari came home and announced she wanted to be Snow White for Halloween. I mean, I...

– Feb 20, 2009