Christmas Cocktails: #TalkEarly About Responsible Holiday Drinking

Staring at the bottom of a cocktail glass isn't the best way to de-stress for the holidays—or the best example for kids. Here, healthy ways to survive the holidays, in partnership with

– Dec 11, 2019

“Acting White”: Talk Early About Racialized Bullying & True Friendship

We have to #TalkEarly to our kids about the foolishness of "acting white" accusations. Here's how I did it.

– Oct 22, 2019

Getting to Trust: #TalkEarly About Listening, Not Fixing

Tips on how to find moments when we can listen to rather than fix our kids' problems.

– Sep 25, 2019

What About Your Friends? #TalkEarly About Squad Building

The day I left my marriage, my friends showed up and showed out for me. I'll never forget it. I wish the same love for my daughters.

– Jun 25, 2019