sharisse smith

Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven Feels Like Home for an Army Wife

People brought buckets to get their favorite slurpee during Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven, but the special event meant much more than a sweet treat for this fan.

– Apr 16, 2015

Delightful Ways To Say Thank You Are In Short Supply

One would think a person who had her purse returned to her would have a thousand ways to say thank you to the finder. But "thank yous" are in short supply.

– Feb 19, 2015

A Thanksgiving Parade Play date: Mommy, Daughter and Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige's self-professed biggest fan remembers the day she blew a kiss to the Black girl icon of soul—and the singer blew a kiss right back.

– Nov 26, 2013

Get A Degree, Go Straight To Jail: A Mom Learns A Tough Lesson After Shoplifting

By SHARISSE TRACEY SMITH Right after graduating from college I went to jail for shoplifting. I charged the four storage bins in my shopping cart...

– May 28, 2013