Shawn Taylor

On Interracial Relationships & That Cheerios Commercial: the Color Of Love Is Complex

Many families I associate with are still reeling from the fountain of negative responses from that innocuous Cheerios commercial. Many of them continue to be “shocked” that...

– Jun 26, 2013

A New Way To Celebrate Father’s Day: Black Dads As Fatherhood Mentors

By SHAWN TAYLOR I am fairly certain that much of my family became Jehovah’s Witnesses because they didn’t want to celebrate holidays. Instead of just...

– Jun 12, 2013

What You Do For Love: A Black Father Reflects On “Sacrifice” In Childrearing

By SHAWN TAYLOR Many children have trigger-points. It may be a place, a situation or a person, but when they’re triggered, they go bananas. For example:...

– May 30, 2013

What We Need To Teach Black Children In the New Millenium

By SHAWN TAYLOR I am blessed to have received a great education. Maybe it was a time in U.S. history when educating our nation’s children was...

– May 23, 2013

They Ask, But Should You Answer? Tackling the Tough Questions With Kids

By SHAWN TAYLOR “When di pickney dem growed.” This was my grandmother’s (rest her soul) response to being asked if children should be told about something heavy happening in...

– May 15, 2013

[Father/Hood] Fairy Tales For Black Girls: Making Up Stories Of Our Own For Our Daughters

By SHAWN TAYLOR Now that my daughter remembers things with remarkable recall, is capable of critical thought, has a keen eye for the differences between...

– Apr 10, 2013