shopping with toddlers

Dear Walmart, Where’s Black Barbie?

When a Black mom can't find a Black Barbie in her local superstore, she's forced to have conversations with her toddler she's not ready to and doesn't want to have. So she's penned a letter getting Walmart together.

– Jul 27, 2015

What You Do For Love: A Black Father Reflects On “Sacrifice” In Childrearing

By SHAWN TAYLOR Many children have trigger-points. It may be a place, a situation or a person, but when they’re triggered, they go bananas. For example:...

– May 30, 2013

She’s The Boss: A Dad Gets Punked By His 4-Year-Old

By NICK CHILES As black men, we spend a significant part of our early days making testosterone-infused snap judgments about how we think we’d fare...

– Sep 14, 2008