spanking black children in public

MyBrownBaby & ‘Today’ Talk ‘The Slap’: Is It Okay To Discipline Children Who Aren’t Yours?

Would you discipline children who aren't yours? That's what the Today show wanted to know in a parents panel based on "The Slap."

– Feb 13, 2015

Man Who Slapped Black Baby On Airplane Gets 8 Months In Prison For His Foolishness

Joe Rickey Hundley, the Idaho man who slapped a crying toddler and demanded the child's mother "shut that nigger baby up" has been sentenced to eight months in federal prison.

– Jan 7, 2014

Airplane Madness: Man Slaps Black Toddler, Tells Mom To “Shut That N****R” Baby Up” (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Joe Rickey Hundley, the 60-year-old man accused of slapping a black baby in his face during an airplane flight, surrendered to federal agents and...

– Feb 18, 2013