talking about the N word to children

Being Called the N-Word For the First Time: These Black Folk Remember

Being called the N-word for the first time is a traumatic experience one never forgets.

– May 28, 2015

That SAE Video, Racist College Culture & Black Student Survival At University

Let's stop pretending that what we saw on the SAE video happened in a vacuum. American college campuses are a hotbed for racism. Let's start there.

– Mar 12, 2015

The N Word: How Do You Talk To Your Child About This Hateful Slur? {Open Thread}

My girls have permission to put the paws on whoever dares to call them the "N" word. How are you counseling your kids to respond to it?

– Oct 25, 2013

“Parenthood” and The “N” Word: Tackling “The Talk” On TV

Season 4 of one of our favorite TV shows, Parenthood, is in full swing and the show isn’t slacking on the tough situations: Only months...

– Oct 10, 2012

Fighting Words: On the N Word & My Children’s Response To It

I told you this would happen—said it was as certain as wet rain, as sure as the yellow in the sun. A white child called...

– Apr 22, 2011