Talking to Kids About Trayvon Martin

For Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown: A Black Teen Girl On Why Their Lives Mattered

As we grapple with the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, a 15-year-old girl wonders when she will be free of the fear and worry born from hate.

– Sep 16, 2014

Jordan Davis’ Life Mattered. All Of Our Children’s Lives Matter.

God bless Ron Davis and Lucia McBath, the parents of Jordan Davis. No one should have to celebrate their child's 19th birthday mourning the injustice of a legal system that empowers white sociopaths to lynch our children.

– Feb 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Trayvon Martin: We Remember and Celebrate You

Happy Birthday, Trayvon Martin. We will NEVER forget you.

– Feb 5, 2014

‘Stand Your Ground’ Ad: Trayvon Martin Shooting, 911 Call, Re-Enacted In Anti-Gun Law Appeal

A gun reform advocacy group is taking aim at Stand Your Ground laws nationwide by pushing a chilling ad reenacting the last moments of Trayvon...

– Aug 21, 2013

Mad About Trayvon: Finding the Right Words To Explain Anger Over ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict To Kids

By SHAWN TAYLOR I think I scared my daughter. Hell, I think I terrified her. When I heard the Zimmerman verdict, I lost it. I yelled...

– Jul 17, 2013