teenagers and sex

Birds, Bees and Truelove: a Father’s YA novel Tackles Sex and Abstinence

A respected children's book author opens up an honest conversation about sex by letting his son read his young adult novel, "The Making of Dr. Truelove."

– Oct 26, 2016

Chain-Swinging Dad Storms School, Demands To Know Who’s Sexing His Baby Girl

Sometimes, your kids need to know you’re a little crazy. I’m a firm believer of this, and I remind Mari and Lila often: “You know...

– Dec 4, 2012

If Your Teen is ‘Sexting,’ She’s Probably Having Sex, Too

By NICK CHILES From researchers at USC, we get yet another reason to closely monitor what the teenager in your house is doing on her...

– Sep 17, 2012

When It Comes to the “Sex Talk,” We Must Add Oral Sex to the Agenda

A new study by the CDC detailing the sexual behavior of American teenagers provides a peek into the factors that motivate teenagers when their thoughts...

– Aug 20, 2012