Tray Chaney

A Black Marriage Week Treat From Tray Chaney, Plus Michelle Obama In Vogue and Justin T. On Fallon

Sunday marks the kick-off day for the 10th Annual Black Marriage Week, a celebration sponsored by Marriage, Inc. of Kankakee County, along with Wedded Bliss...

– Mar 15, 2013

Tray Chaney’s ‘LIVE—World AIDS Day Anthem’ Is A Worthy Message (VIDEO)

We’ve made no secrets about our love for Tray Chaney, the actor who found fame as “Poot” in HBO’s edgy, award-winning series, The Wire, but...

– Jan 16, 2013

Be Inspired: Tray Chaney Of “The Wire” Uses Hip Hop To Affect The Lives Of Black Children

You know Tray Chaney as low-level drug dealer, “Poot,” from The Wire, the edgy, award-winning drama that brought profound realism to heights never before seen...

– Oct 4, 2012