working vs mothering

Parenting While Unemployed: Learning To Conquer Doubt and Be Inspired

One mom chronicles the serious challenges she faces while searching for a job, among them, finding the strength to parent through unemployment.

– Nov 3, 2014

The Working Mom’s Survival Kit: 15 Ways to Make Life More Manageable

Be clear: I CAN NOT do it all. But this has a few tricks up her sleeve to make what I can do a little easier.

– Oct 6, 2014

What Beautiful Black Moms Look Like: mater mea shows our glory

mater mea celebrates motherhood through beautiful imagery, but the website needs our help to continue showing the beauty of us.

– Feb 4, 2014

When Motherhood Isn’t Natural: The Phenomenon Of Being Childless By Choice

By EVETTE DIONNE Motherhood requires immense sacrifice from women. We are morally obligated to allow our children to feed from us and sometimes, sicken our...

– Aug 7, 2013