My in-laws, Helen and Walter Chiles, recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, and the good folks at The Root saw fit to honor their fete by posting a blog I originally penned for MyBrownBaby. But this is much more than a random act of hookupage; the post, The Truth About Black Love, is a celebration of the belief my husband Nick and I have been advancing for our entire writing career together: That black couples do fall in love, get married, raise up our babies in a thoughtful, loving, disciplined way, and go on to build happy lives together indeed, way more than anyone bothers to give us credit for.

Go ahead and read the post over at The Root, and then show some love to the site by leaving a comment.

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  1. Aww, I love Black love. You and your family continue to inspire me.

  2. Your piece moved me. Thank you!

  3. those are your folks? kewl. i read it and loved every sentence of it

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